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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Witch Way?

Last night I read Witch Way (Part One) The Mystic Series by: Heidi Hall. This book had my undivided attention from the first page. Mummies crashing a Halloween party wielding machine guns will do it every time. The main character Roxy has been a bit of a wild child but has grown up and is really trying to play it strait. She is at a Halloween party when her guardian/ boss/ best friend gets shot due to some of his unscrupulous business dealings and she finds herself running for her life. When she ends up in a little town called Mystic her whole world changes and she finds a home she has wanted her whole life. Nothing comes easily though. She finds out that she is a key part of a much bigger plan and not only is her own life in jeopardy, but the whole town. Lucky for her she has a very yummy chef to help her....

This story is a ton of fun to read. If you took Harry Potter, The Craft, and a pound of humor, threw them all in a bag and shook it up, Witch Way would be what you poured out. I finished it at about one in the morning and immediately went on amazon to get the second in the series, Coven by Christmas. I love it when I find a new series that I can get totally swept away by and with the first book selling at only $0.99 on amazon it is a very low investment with a very high return!

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