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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Introducing the Hottie of the Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I am feeling inspired today by all the romance going on! In honor of Valentine's Day I am introducing the first Hottie of the Day. This post would have gone out earlier, but everytime I look at him I forget what I am supposed to be doing. **sigh**  I read alot of books about some truly romantic men, but I know that there are some real life romancers out there somewhere. Tell me about the most romantic thing that ever happened to you in real life and vote to tell me which kind of character you think is the sexiest to read about!  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Witch Way?

Last night I read Witch Way (Part One) The Mystic Series by: Heidi Hall. This book had my undivided attention from the first page. Mummies crashing a Halloween party wielding machine guns will do it every time. The main character Roxy has been a bit of a wild child but has grown up and is really trying to play it strait. She is at a Halloween party when her guardian/ boss/ best friend gets shot due to some of his unscrupulous business dealings and she finds herself running for her life. When she ends up in a little town called Mystic her whole world changes and she finds a home she has wanted her whole life. Nothing comes easily though. She finds out that she is a key part of a much bigger plan and not only is her own life in jeopardy, but the whole town. Lucky for her she has a very yummy chef to help her....

This story is a ton of fun to read. If you took Harry Potter, The Craft, and a pound of humor, threw them all in a bag and shook it up, Witch Way would be what you poured out. I finished it at about one in the morning and immediately went on amazon to get the second in the series, Coven by Christmas. I love it when I find a new series that I can get totally swept away by and with the first book selling at only $0.99 on amazon it is a very low investment with a very high return!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Don't Be A Cloud On A Sunny Day

I was recently contacted by an author and asked to read her book and review it on my blog. After reading it, I decided not to write about it. This is a blog about my recommendations and I really didn't like it. I am not going to say who the author is because like I said in my introduction, that is not what this blog is about. I emailed the author and told her that I wasn't going to give her a review and I explained why as nicely and tactfully as I could. Suffice it to say she was VERY unhappy about it. Really? If I were her I think I would rather have no review than a bad one. Let's focus on the positives here people. Don't be a cloud on my sunny day. :)

(Q) What does every woman want? (A) A Magical Night.

Last night I read Magical Night by: Karen A. Sullivan. It is an erotica novella and at $0.99 on kindle an absolute steal! Kay has been hurt in relationships before and has some deep seeded trust and commitment issues. Even though she knows she is in love with her boyfriend Jim she can't bring herself to say it out loud. Jim knows she loves him and understands her issues from the past, but he needs to hear the words before he will ask her to marry him. He has a plan and will not stop until they both get what they need. I think every woman might rethink how quickly she says those three magic words after reading this book. I also think this book should be given to every man in a relationship as quick tutorial on how to get it right. Men are always saying women impossible to understand and should come with manuals. Maybe you guys are just reading the wrong books. I suggest putting Magical Night on your reading list because this book got everything right!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wired and Inspired Book Blog: A Bitter Sweet Farewell

Wired and Inspired Book Blog: A Bitter Sweet Farewell: Right now I am reading For Whom The Spell Tolls by: H. P. Mallory. She is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy writer. I have listed her a...

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Bitter Sweet Farewell

Right now I am reading For Whom The Spell Tolls by: H. P. Mallory. She is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy writer. I have listed her as one of my favorite authors because her books are always a great, fun, easy read. This is the 6th and final installment in the Dulcie O'Neil Series. For all of the people who wait until a series is finished before they start reading it, I implore you to start now! For all of us that have been following the series from the beginning it is bitter sweet. Dulcie O'Neil is a spunky, independent, hard-working fairy that works as a regulator policing the Netherworld creatures here on earth. She has an awesome best friend and co-worker named Sam who is a witch and could quit her day job to be the next Martha Stewart, a gorgeous boss named Quillan who is an elf, and a hot vampire named Bram who is a business man that walks on the line of the law and gives her information. Then there is Knight Vander, a loki and a super sexy investigator sent from the Netherworld. I have fallen in love with all of her characters and these are only a few. Though she is surrounded by beautiful men competing for her affection only one manages to steel her heart. What a lucky girl! Every story in this series builds on the previous one and is full of humor, suspense, and steamy romance. The story lines and plots are wonderfully unique and at the end of each book I couldn't wait to get the next! 

The wrong book store

A friend just posted this on facebook and I thought it was so great that had to share it.

A Glimpse At What Is To Come

I am an avid reader and I am always recommending books to my friends. One of my friends suggested I write a blog about it. Alot of the books I read are by new up and coming authors on kindle, so I thought this would be a great way to tell people about some great books that they might not know about. This is a blog about my recommendations. I hate reading snippy, snide reviews and I will not write them. If I don't like a book, I simply won't write about it. Every book is not for everybody. Over the next few days I am going to start by posting some recommendations for my favorite books, followed by some other really good books. Then I will keep you up to date on what I am currently reading. I will also let you know when a new book in series has come out. Since I am always reading, I will always have plenty to post. So, check in frequently and feel free to chime in!